all these therapies are booked only by appointment


Sound Therapy

60Minutes $65(private) •$15 (group)

Experience the powerful vibration of Tibetan Bowls. It's a sound vibration journey through the body, just like a massage tapping through specific parts of the body to recharge atoms and release tension. Balances the blood level in the body, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances mental and emotional clarity.


Aromatherapy 101

60 MINUTES $30

An essential oils awareness therapy for those who are new to aromatherapy. Learn how to properly use essential oils to heal naturally and how to use them in your everyday endeavors. Using essential oils gives you an introduction of ho to work with plants to heal our body. Essential oils is the purest form of extracts from very specific plants that have been scientifically proven to heal illnesses and body malfunctions. Tap into your holistic quest with this introductory therapy. ** an essential oil sampler kit will be given to each attendee.


Art Therapy with watercolor & writting

2 hours $40

Amanda Hippert invites you to tap into your artistic self. Come and learn how to document your travels and daily life with art. By implementing watercolor images along with mindful words on a journal we can find healing when we feel overwhelmed, happy, anxious or even having a hard time to express our selves. Documentation of sensations or feelings helps us to get out of our thoughts into the real world, which might bring more clarity to any present situation. Learn or improve your watercolor painting skills along with mindful journalism for a mindful living. *** materials included + personal travel journal kit.


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