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Intro to Ahstanga Workshop

  • La Fortuna Yoga La Fortuna, Provincia de Alajuela Costa Rica (map)

This is a workshop created to deepen into the main elements that make up Ashtanga Yoga, which has been known since ancient times as the traditional or classical yoga of India. From it derive the various styles and types of yoga that have been developed and modified today to meet the needs of the contemporary population.

The Ashatanga Yoga was transmitted by the teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, precursor of yoga for the modern world. This yoga method involves the synchronization of the breath with progressive series of asanas (postures) thus creating an energetic fluidity (vinyasa). It is characterized as a dynamic and vigorous yoga practice. This process generates a physical cleansing, cleanses and detoxifies the main systems, glands and organs of the body, especially the central nervous system. In the energy field, it renews the energy layers of the most subtle bodies.

During the workshop we will delve into the following aspects:

History and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga.

Vital energy (prana) and nervous system.

Channel of the vertebral column (sushumna nadi) and its relationship with the cerebral hemispheres.

Pranayamas (techniques and breathing exercises).

Bandhas and energy activations.

Improvisation practices and guided series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Meditation on Ashtanga Yoga practices.

There will be a physical practice of improvisation focused on the opening of the hips, followed by a meditation Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) with sonotherapy and Tibetan bowls.

The practices related to the stimulation of the hips provide great benefits at the physical level: strengthening of the pelvic floor, of the genital organs and of the reproductive system, also prepare the muscles, ligaments and tendons for postures of greater corporal expansion such as deep arches (back bends).

The work of the hips is related to the water element of the body, this influences the emotional system, allowing us through this type of postures to contact our deepest feelings and sensations, as well as remove the accumulated energy and identify knots or blockages in the energy field.

The hips are also related to the development of creativity, the gestation of new ideas and projects, the ability to flow in everyday life and in our relationships, sacred sexuality and the connection with the center of power.

At the end of a deep practice focused on the area of your hips you can experience feelings of inspiration, feelings of peace with yourself and with the people around you, clarity and lucidity.

NOTE: Take a cloth or small towel and water, avoid the intake of heavy food at least two hours before the workshop.

Karina Rodríguez Herrera

Director of Casa Tittibba Yoga Integral