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The Power of Transcendental Sound

  • La Fortuna Yoga La Fortuna, Provincia de Alajuela Costa Rica (map)

Date: March 29 & 30th 2019
Friday 29th : 2:00 a 4:00 p.m
Saturday 30th : 5:30 a 8:00 p.m

Proposed voluntary investment: 8mil colones / $15

The Power of Transcendental Sound

By Radha Kanti Dasi

This workshop contains the detailed explanation of the power of transcendental sound and the meaning of the sacred mantras in Sanskrit. It consists mainly of deep meditation on mantras and Divine Songs. These songs are transcendental sound vibrations that connect with the soul and with the Spiritual Divine Reality. Prema-Bhakti - transcendental love and devotion - is the method to be able to completely satisfy the being. Therefore, the chanting of these mantras is the most powerful form of meditation in the present. The talk is about the most confidential knowledge of the Universe, THE VEDAS, which are the oldest sacred writings on the planet, coming from India. Issues that concern the essence and supreme occupation for all humanity.

Day 1

- What is bhakti?

- The heart and essence of Yoga

- The 7 effects of reciting the divine mantras

- Description of the essence of all the Vedas

- Meditation with mantras and recitation

- Kirtan (divine chants and mantras with traditional instruments of India)

Day 2

- Talk (Jarí Katha) on transcendental knowledge of the wisdom of India

-How to awaken the divine eye of transcendental intuition

- What is the soul? What is yoga? What is nitya-dharma?

- Complete immersion in recitation of mantras

Kirtan (divine chants with instruments from India)

All participants will receive a sacred wooden necklace from India called Tulasi for mantra meditation.