Hatha 26 Yoga


This class is ideal for those who have never practiced yoga or are new to the practice, is a bigginer's level class with a well grounded sequence to challenge intermediate practitioners as well. Each class starts and ends with a short meditation focusing on relaxing and energizing the body through the breath. This class is based on the 26+2 asanas from Bikram & the B.S.K Iyengar lineage.  This practice is based on a strengthening  & balancing standing sequence and a sequence of restorative postures on the mat. During this class our teacher will take you through a journey of self exploration and rooting towards your inner Self, understanding your limitations and virtues of healing your body with the practice of asanas.

 Classes are in English and Spanish.

Vinyasa Flow


This class depends a lot on the students, primarily focusing on each student's level, experience and capacity. This is a very modern style of yoga infused from a wide range of styles of yoga among, Ashtanga & Power yoga. Vinyasa is a fluid movement of postures that move with the rhythm of the breath. In this practice one posture transitions to another posture in a fluid way, keeping the body in constant motion. This is a great practice to root deep into self awareness while eliminating toxins and toning your body. If you are looking for an alternative workout, this is a great way to gain muscle strength and flexibility.


Yin Flow

Tuesday & Wednesday • 75 MINUTES



Meditation is one of our main focus in our teachings. We encourage our students to always start their practice with a breathing exercise that will balance the train of thoughts and the rhythm of the heart, starting class with a clear mind.


Restorative Yoga

Tuesdays • 60 MINUTES

This is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching,  very similar to Yin Yoga but using props. It is a class for complete relaxation while we move gently from one posture to the next. Within one hour we will do a few postures focused on holding the postures longer, supported by props tapping deep into the muscles and body. This class also includes deep breathing techniques for meditation and clearing the lungs from congestion.

A perfect class for those who are on their feet all day and need some support to root deep and relax.

If you practice yoga once a week
you will change you mind

If you practice yoga twice a week
you will change your body

if you practice yoga everyday
you will change your life